Hunt Valley 12/13/14

I think this is one of the last trips I made to Hunt Valley in 2014.  It never ceases to amaze me the types and the quantity of cars that come out.  This is mid-December and there is still a big turn-out.  I am glad I live in an area with this much enthusiasm.   Continue reading Hunt Valley 12/13/14

Dodge Hellcat 2015

Lot’s of buzz surrounding this car.  To tell you the truth, I’m really not much into these modern-day muscle cars.  You know the stats, 707 hp with a ton of torque.  It’s still a box that is about 2 feet taller than it needs to be and weighs about twice what it should.   Continue reading Dodge Hellcat 2015

HVHP 11/08/2014

Sorry this post is late.  I had a few things to take care of.  Actually, I watched the Lego movie last night and forgot to post this.  This is another in my series of posts documenting the Hunt Valley Horsepower weekly meets.   Continue reading HVHP 11/08/2014

East Coast Indoor Nationals 2014

I don’t know a lot about hot rods or pro-stock or resto-mods.  I know there was a show so I went.  I got these pictures.  Look at them below. Continue reading East Coast Indoor Nationals 2014

Rockville Video 2014

This was meant to be posted last week.  I was unable to post this so you may have forgotten all the cool cars at Rockville.  If you did just click here and revisit the awesomeness that was that post.  Then, feel free to check out this video.

Corvette Z06 2015 Baltimore Motor Trend Auto Show

This is a quick post to put a video we took at the auto show.