harrisburg Supercars on State Street 08-23-14 149

Supercars on State Street 2014

Over the last three years (that I have been attending) Supercars on State Street has been a “must attend” on my calendar.  The event offers some of the best photo opportunities.  Not only is the show location beautiful but the cars receive a police escort from registration to the show location.  You can get great rolling shots of almost every car.  This year was no different but had the added benefit of angry skies to liven up the photos.  

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Spyker Supercars on State Street 8-10-13 41

Supercars on State Street 2013

Supercars on State Street is one of the local events that every car enthusiast should visit.  The 2013 event was no different and provided an excellent opportunity to see pinnacle cars in all their glory.  Hundreds of cars were in attendance in Harrisburg, lining the streets and making the nearby residences value go up substantially.   Continue reading

mclaren mp4-12cHunt Valley 5-30-13 10

Hunt Valley Horsepower March 30, 2013

2013 was a pretty good year for the Baltimore area for car lovers.  I mean, in my opinion of course.  Hunt Valley Horsepower was really coming into it’s own.  This was the end of the first full year of cars shows so the crowds were becoming more stable.  Plus Baltimore was still excited about car races.  How quickly things change, am I right? Continue reading

detomaso Hunt Valley Horsepower 6-1-13 55

HVHP 06-01-2013

Continuing my series on the Hunt Valley Horsepower weekly gathering, here is one from June 2013.   I will continue on this series until I have exhausted my remaining pictures from HVHP.  Let me tell you that won’t happen anytime soon.  Luckily, the weekly meet always seems to bring out something new.   Continue reading

Red side SRT

Dodge/SRT Viper 11-30-2013

I’m not real original when it come to my photos.  If you look closely you will see the same parking lot in the majority of the pictures.  I’m not sure it is a bad thing though, I mean you are coming here to see nice cars right?  If I can go to the same place to provide those cars then why complain?  Here is another set of cars (all Vipers) captured at Hunt Valley Horsepower, this time on 11-30-2013. Continue reading

I will keep trying

I’m sorry about that last post. It wasn’t even up to my low standards. I was tired from driving all day but wanted to make sure I got something out. Keep coming back to see my quality level increase. Since it is so low right now though please enjoy this blurry phone camera photo of a Maserati Gran Turismo.

maserati GT on the streets of philly

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