Hunt Valley Horsepower 10/25/2014

The Motor Trend Car Show is coming to Baltimore the first weekend of 2015.  I always look forward to the show, but I am not real sure why.  I like seeing the new cars, I love being able to sit in them, and I like that it is indoors.  If it has all of these benefits, why am I so hesitant? Continue reading Hunt Valley Horsepower 10/25/2014

Ferrari 458 Speciale 10/18/2014

Front of Ferrari Speciale 458 Katies C&C 101814 4This is the special version of the 458.  Basically it is faster.  The 458 was already a very high performing car, universally loved for the performance and the looks.  Top Gear even did a whole special about mid-engine cars that you should buy if you don’t want to buy the 458.  They had to say the last part because the 458 was that good. Continue reading Ferrari 458 Speciale 10/18/2014

Katie’s Cars and Coffee 10/18/14

A few weeks ago, on a Monday night, I was walking around my house.  My son had just gone to bed and I looked like I had nothing to do.  My wife asked me what I was doing.  I told her I was “going to watch football”. Continue reading Katie’s Cars and Coffee 10/18/14

HVHP 09/27/14

Before we get into the car photos lets muse a little on Ferrari.  This week Ferrari released their latest track specific hypercar.  This beast has over 1000 hp and is probably stupid fast.  I don’t usually say things like brutal or call cars beast but, sometimes, it just feel right.  Continue reading HVHP 09/27/14

Another Hunt Valley, 09/20/14

I need to start carrying things smarter.  Right now I only ever carry a wallet, keys and a phone.  It’s not because I don’t need things, it’s because I just don’t have room.  I could carry a bag but that is just one more thing to keep track of, and I know I would leave it someplace.  Honestly, I would like to carry a small camera, like a micro 4/3 camera, my iPad, a notebook, some essentials, and the stuff I mentioned above.   Continue reading Another Hunt Valley, 09/20/14

HVHP 09/13/14

I’m sure you all have a bucket list.  My list includes a lot of the cars I want to see but not a lot of things to do.  I always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail but I am not sure about that anymore.  That’s why I stick with cars, much more attainable for me.  I have crossed a few of those cars off but I know at any time I could list 25 bucket cars I want to see.   Continue reading HVHP 09/13/14

Hunt Valley September 6, 2014

I want to make a living in the automobile industry.  I don’t know what I want to do specifically though.  I don’t want to sell cars, that seems terrible.  I would love to write about them all day, or take pictures of them.  I do both of those things now and I haven’t made a dime.  I’m just not sure how to turn that page. Continue reading Hunt Valley September 6, 2014