Eagle front Simeone Foundation 20131

Simeone Overview

I have said it before and I will say it right now, the Simeone Foundation is my favorite car museum.  For this post I will try to focus a little more on the cars that I usually ignore.  All of the cars are great, but I tend to lean towards more contemporary exotics.  The range of cars in the museum is vast so it is easy to forget all the other great cars.  Here are but a few. Continue reading

overview Rockville Antique Car Show 10-20-12 51

Rockville 2012

Rockville, MD puts on a fantastic show each year called the Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show.  It takes place in mid-October and will bring out hundreds of cars.  This is a small select gathering from the 2012 show because I think I already posted a lot of the other pictures.  For instance the F40 pictures would already be on the site if you look. Continue reading

Jaguar Xk120 HVHP 4-19-14 6

Hunt Valley April 19 2014

Cars are art, right?  I like to look at cars because of the lines and the colors.  The way the craftsmen designed and built them.  The combination of graceful curves and mechanics that make an inanimate object have a soul.  You won’t find me using terms like brutal to describe and exhaust note or naming a post “O M F G”.  Cars mean more to me than that. Continue reading

The Mid-Atlantic regions source for luxury, rare, and exotic cars.