daytona  HVHP 08-17-13 93

HVHP 08/17/13

Blast from the past!  Or a year old post that I just got around to actually publishing.  You take your pick but I know the real answer. (hint: I’m really lazy). Continue reading

e type dump truck 12HVHP 08-16-14

Hunt Valley Horsepower 08/16/14

Not sure what to write.  I can talk about Hunt Valley again.  I could say the people are all very nice and everyone can come out to visit.  I could say the guy who started it is doing a herculean effort to keep everything smooth and fun but also not to piss off the venue.  I could say that the cars change all the time.  You could see something you have never seen before.  I won’t say that though.   Continue reading

F40 Ferrari Katies Cars and Coffee 4-13-13 111

Katie’s Cars and Coffee 04/13/13

Katie’s Cars and Coffee takes place at Katie’s Coffee House located in Falls Church Virginia.   That may be one of the most boring sentences you will ever read on a car blog.

Katie’s is awesome.  It is close enough to DC to get all the politician money but also centrally located and gets the businessman cash.  These are pictures from my first trip.  It was also one of the first times I saw an F40 and a Bugatti Veyron.    Continue reading

Overview Radcliffe 5-4-13140

Radcliffe All Italian Show 2013

This is probably a rehash of a post from last year.  I am not sure I care about that.  Each year a local shop, called Radcliffe Motorcar Company, has a meet to bring out all the vintage Ferraris and Italian cars.  It is a must attend for this area.    These are a few of the pictures that I can’t remember if I posted or not.  If I don’t remember then I am betting you don’t remember. Continue reading

Super cars and Jets 14 61

Super Cars and Super Jets – 2014

That is not my name for the event.  I merely attended, and I was super late.  There were no super jets when I arrived, and only a few super cars.  The location ( a hangar) was quite extraordinary though.  If they hold this one again I will be there.  I mean, I will be there only if they have more cars.

Continue reading

bentley continental gt 12HVHP 08-02-14

Hunt Valley Horsepower 08/02/14

Sometimes a weekly car gathering can have a weak turn out.  I only used weak there because I thought it would be a pun, but that didn’t work.  Anytime you see Ferraris, and Bentley and other exotics it is a good day.  The reason for all the words is that there is a smaller set of pictures this post.  All super high quality.  Continue reading

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