Corvette Z06 – Baltimore Auto Show 2015

Real short post today.  A couple of pictures of the Z06 that was shown during the Baltimore Auto Show.   Continue reading Corvette Z06 – Baltimore Auto Show 2015

AACA Lotus exhibit 2015

The mid-Atlantic region is a pretty good place to live if you like cars.  We have a few major car museums in the area that cater to a huge selection of the population.  While maybe not as well known as the Petersen, the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA does have a nice collection.  Above that they offer special exhibits that are spectacular. Continue reading AACA Lotus exhibit 2015

Lamborghini Of Washington Exotics 01/17/15

Lamborghini of Washington puts on exotic shows once in a while to draw out potential new or return buyers.  They give preferential placement to Italian cars, which is a good thing.  I was able to go to a show in January which turned out to be a pretty goo gathering.   Continue reading Lamborghini Of Washington Exotics 01/17/15

Katie’s Cars and Coffee 01/17/2015

In the middle of January I made the trek down to Virginia to see Katie’s.  This is one of the premier locations in the region for cars.  It was extremely cold so I didn’t expect to see a lot.  There was a pretty good turn out so it was worth the trip.  Check out the cars after the jump. Continue reading Katie’s Cars and Coffee 01/17/2015

Hunt Valley Horsepower 12/27/14

It’s been really cold.  I know there are places that are much colder than here, in Maryland, but still, it’s been really cold.  I’m getting sick of the winter.  There are car shows that need to happen so we can get more pictures for you. Continue reading Hunt Valley Horsepower 12/27/14

Baltimore Auto Show 2015

First off, sorry for the delay in posting this.  I have been occupied or forgetful.  I will let you pick.  Second, this isn’t a huge post.  It is small because the Baltimore show is not a big show.  In fact, it is usually quite disappointing.  I will confess that I do have some other auto shows that I plan to attend this year.  Please check back for that. Continue reading Baltimore Auto Show 2015

BMW i8 Video

No hiding the fact.  I am wasting time by splitting pictures and videos into two posts.  It has just been too cold to get out and take some pictures.  I have actually spotted a few cars.  I didn’t get pictures because the camera on my phone is so full of lint it looks like an Instagram effect.  I do have a lot of cool trips planned for the year.  I am just waiting on the temp to rise. Continue reading BMW i8 Video