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Treasured Motorcars Open-House 2016

Treasured Motorcars We have a few high-quality shops in the area that specialize in rare antique cars.  They just happen to be right beside each other and they also have […]


Horse powering – June 25, 2016

Hunt Valley Horse powering Here at Jalopics we like to post a lot of pictures.  We take a lot of pictures too.  The pictures we take are not the highest […]


HV Horsepower – June 18, 2016

Cars and Coffee It’s been a while since I posted.  I’ve been a little busy, but here are some Hunt Valley Horsepower pictures to make up for it.  Actually, you […]

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Alex Snyder

Alex Snyder


My passion for the automobile spanned from Vintage Racing and Classic Cars. I enjoy all cars, but I do prefer my classics and my racing. If there is a car with a story that you have, I’d love to hear it. Contact me at snyderalex@outlook.com

Greg Birdsong

Greg Birdsong


My passion for cars is focused on the art and beauty of the car so my pictures tend to be interesting cars taken at interesting angles.  I try to find rare cars, either exotic, super, hyper or just obscure.  If you want to see a specific car contact me, I will do my best to find it. gbirdsong@jalopics.com