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Dodge Viper - SCOSS 2015 - 37

Supercars on State Street Video – 2015

As promised, here is the video for the 2015 Supercars on State Street show from Harrisburg, Pa.  The show was benefiting Making Strides of the American Cancer Society.     […]

Crowd - SCOSS 2015 - 36

Supercars on State Street – 2015

It was another great Supercars on State Street this year.  Not only were there hundreds of cars present but there was also a celebrity sighting.  First a few of the […]

Simeone-Ferrari 250 GTO 2

Shelby Daytona and Ferrari 250 GTO

During a recent trip to the Simeone Foundation I stumbled upon a Foundations of Photography event that was focusing on the Shelby Daytona and Ferrari 250 GTO from the collection.  […]

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Greg Birdsong

Greg Birdsong


My passion for cars is focused on the art and beauty of the car so my pictures tend to be interesting cars taken at interesting angles.  I try to find rare cars, either exotic, super, hyper or just obscure.  If you want to see a specific car contact me, I will do my best to find it. gbirdsong@jalopics.com