Featured Rockville Car Show 201381

Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show 2013

The Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show is not the type of event I frequently attend.  Well, that isn’t entirely true I guess.  I go to it every year but it is a classic car show and I try to attend exotic and supercar shows.  It is a little conflict.  The thing is, as the years go on, today’s exotics turn into classics and are allowed at these shows.  You see more and more Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche and some marks you have never even heard of.  Continue reading

lamborghini countach 36HVHP 07-12-14

Hunt Valley Horsepower July 12, 2014

Here is another one of the weekly shows that is put on by Horsepowering (aka Hunt Valley Horsepower).  I’m not sure I mentioned it but, a few months ago my family moved closer to Hunt Valley.  Not necessarily to be closer to these shows but it has been an added benefit.  I make it to about 3 per month, which is providing me with a lot of ‘good’ pictures.  Continue reading

white audi r8 HHVP 5-31 25

Hunt Valley Horsepower 05/31/14

Here’s another one of HVHPs big shows.  I honestly don’t remember why this one was so special.  It had a lot of cars though.  That is one thing I will tell you about this Maryland community.  They are more than willing to come out in full force for these shows.  I wish I has taken more pictures of this show.  There were some nice cars, some that may not show up very often.  Next time I will get a few more shots.

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Austin HeelyMotorWeek CARnival 201354

MotorWeek CARnival 2013

I don’t want to brag.  I try not to usually.  Sometimes, though, I just have to brag a little.  Last year I was email John Davis of MotorWeek about a Maxton Rollerskate that I thought lived near me.  I asked about a car show on the MPT grounds.  He played it off that they wouldn’t be able to handle the show and blah blah.  Well, what do you know, only a few months later the MotorWeek CARnival was birthed.   Continue reading

rapide 102HVHP 10-05-13

Hunt Valley Horsepower 10/05/13

Blast from the past, I figured you needed one.  Here are a few pictures from just about one year ago.  I like to look back at these old pictures to see the cars that used to show up but no longer do.  I miss some of these cars.  It is always a good day when you see an Aston Martin.

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Black MP4-12c Mclaren Mega Meet 11-18-12 50

Another Mischief Megameet Post

A few years ago I went to the Mischief.tv Mid-Atlantic Mega Meet.  I’m not usually a tuner guy and thought that was all the meet would be about, but I decided to check it out anyway.  The show wasn’t bad.  Lots of cars and a pretty good location, at a mall.  I posted the more premier pictures already but here are a few leftovers.

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