Cars and Coffee West Chester Dec 29,2018

We stopped by the West Chester Cars and Coffee recently.  This is the one at Dilworth and not the one at Wegmans.  I thought this was a dying gathering so hadn't been in a few months.  Turns out there are a few die-hards that still show up and have some awesome cars.  

I will probably come back a few times over the next few months to check in on things.  I hate to see car meets stop so anything I can do to help will be done.

The highlight for me, excluding the Ferrari and Mclaren was the Porsche 911 with a Chevy V-8.  I am not sure I have seen this car before but my memory is fading.  I really question why you would do this and what benefit the owner is seeing.  Maybe it's worth it.  Wonder what they did with the original engine?  Check out the photos below. 

Also I made a short video if an Aston Martin as it was leaving.  
Please note all of the photos are from my phone so they may not be the greatest quality.