Buick Grand National

Most of the cars that I try to put on this blog are dream cars.  They are the cars I know I will never own.  They are expensive and fast, all things that I love.  This car is different in so many ways but very similar in surprising ways.

The Grand National was produced by Buick from 1982 until 1987.  The 1982 Grand National was silver and actually finished by an outside subcontractor.  They were meant to be a one-time car to celebrate winning the constructor’s championship in NASCAR.  In fact there were no Grand Nationals in 1983.

Then in 1984 Buick got smart.  They released the Grand National in the black scheme we all love.  They also blessed it with a 200hp engine.  The Grand National continued to see power increases.  The 1987 model seen here is supposed to be the Grand National of Grand Nationals.  It featured a turbo-charged V6 engine that was under rated at 276hp.  The GNX was capable of 4.7 seconds in the 0-60.  That is just astonishing.

This is a car that I could afford.  I am afraid of the power though.  I have heard talk of Buick releasing a new Grand National.  I hope they don’t really.  This was a special car for another time.  The Buick of today shouldn’t tarnish that memory.